Why OverseasHousing.com?

OverseasHousing.com understands the Chinese buyer more than anyone. With years of experience in both real estate, marketing and IT development in China, OverseasHousing.com provides the crucial link to the U.S. real estate market. Our staff are multicultural and multilingual and understand the needs of both Chinese buyers and American real estate agents.

Many buyers are unfamiliar with U.S. markets need detailed, reliable information and attentive service. While some Chinese entrepreneurs are organizing trips to investigate the U.S.property market, OverseasHousing.com is the only website that directly connects U.S. realtors and Chinese buyers.

But most importantly, we provide an easy way for realtors to connect to our large database of potential buyers. Realtors can easily post their property listings in both Chinese and English to be seen by thousands of eager investors. So, what are you waiting for? Join OverseasHousing and start connecting with Chinese buyers!